Late night studio memes.

This is really a thing.

Well, in the spirit of fail fast, fail often, here is the storyboard I put together for my upcoming Scrit Scrit video. This doesn’t convey much detail, but it does get the basic storyline across. The music isn’t quite right, and the pacing/cuts are too fast, but it’s as good a guide as any for the shooting I’ll be doing over the next two/three days.

Exhibition give-aways! If anyone wants to help me stamp and write URLs next week, get in touch.

Doodling proponents say it can help generate ideas, fuel collaboration and simplify communication. It can be especially helpful among global colleagues who don’t share a common first language. Putting pen to paper also is seen as an antidote to the pervasiveness of digital culture, getting workers to look up from their devices. And studies show it can help workers retain more information.

Via Kristin Gräfe.

Say hi to Scrit Scrit.

The screens above are nearly final, and what I presented yesterday in our final thesis class. There are a few touchups to be made, but it’s nearly there.

I’m proud.