“Mom, I love the dog park!” #macshaw #macattack

My two favorites, at one my favorite places. #macshaw

This is one of those moments where I feel like, as a brand, someone needed to step back for a second and say, “Folks, are we taking ourselves too seriously?” Because this is so over the top, I’m wondering if it’s actually a self-deprecating joke.


Monday night post workout dinner for allisonacs and I: forestfeast kale Caesar with polenta croutons and sweet potato stuffed tomatoes. Easy and delicious!

Mario mushroom in the wild. #Mario #supermario



“That doesn’t mean your design team isn’t always right, or deserves unchecked power. A company needs balance across all disciplines. But the reality of software development today is we put design on a pedestal right up until the moment it threatens to affect our deadline. Then design turns into an unaffordable and unreasonable luxury, the word “MVP” starts getting used a lot, and product engineering hustles a half-baked product out the door and high fives themselves for shipping.”

Design Courage — Medium

Yikes. What does courage mean in product design?

Also: “When you care more about releasing before the holiday season than the quality of your product, that’s a lack of courage. When you push out a low quality release just because it’s gut-wrenching to throw away a year of bad code, that’s a lack of courage. When you don’t have a head of design with just as much veto power as a head of engineering, that’s a lack of courage.”

(via tonyhschu)

(via tonyhschu)