DAILY FIND: Sometimes the Internet is a crappy place full of crap. But today I’m reminded that it’s an amazing trove of free information from reliable sources: The University of Illinois Extension has created a searchable index of every stain known to man and stain removal solutions for each. The tool will even tell you what your window of stain-treatment time is to achieve optimal results.

This is nerd GOLD, people. Use it in good health. -ts

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One of the ways I love to measure success of your role at a company isn’t by counting the number of projects launched, or evaluating the number of targets reached. It’s by counting the number of people who want to work with you again.


“I put a lot of time into brand, UI, UX, etc. But those all feel like they are at the periphery of what I do. Those skills exist in the execution layer and support the product, but without solid product thinking, they are baseless.”

A Working Definition of Product Design by @keenancummings on Medium.

A very eloquent, and IMO, nearly right on description of what it is that I do every day.

Red Hot Nickel Ball is a thing. Via JR.

“This idea that back then we had made a ‘gay’ movie, [Megan] was a ‘gay’ cheerleader, and now I’m a ‘gay’ prisoner … is such a glaring injustice. You would never say, ‘Oh what’s this movie about?’ ‘It’s this guy, he’s a straight lawyer and he falls for this straight doctor and they go on a straight honeymoon.’”
Natasha Lyonne speaking about But I’m A Cheerleader, Orange is the New Black, and what we really say when we call shows with LGBT characters “gay shows.” (via the Huffington Post)

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Flashbeagle: the best Snoopy special of all time.